The University Farm "A. Servadei"

The Azienda Agraria Universitaria “Antonio Servadei” (University Farm), founded in 1987, was created with the aim of allowing students from the Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine to acquire direct experience of cultivation practice, the activities of animal breeding and care and company administration as well as of guaranteeing researchers the possibility to carry out experimental activities in the fields of:
  • agronomy and crops
  • agricultural genetics
  • plantations and viticulture
  • oenology and agricultural industries
  • animal breeding and nutrition
  • agricultural mechanics
  • plant pathology
Various basic and applied research activities find in the Farm’s facilities a relevant back-up. The Farm also comprises structures for controlling the environmental conditions of the experiments and laboratories for studies on soil physics and plant growth. A synoptic weather station is located in the Farm, too.

Today, though keeping in mind its primary role, the Farm contributes to the innovation and development of the system of agricultural and animal breeding by means of suitable courses of scientific application, promotion of biodiversity, of ecology and of the agricultural landscape, of work and of the relevant agricultural technology, of the origin of food and of its taste. The Farm is supported by its indissoluble bond with the Faculties of Agriculture and of Veterinary Medicine (though in full and extended autonomy) and by the patrimonial use of land, equipment, laboratories, skills, patents, managerial, technical and administrative staff. It is active also in the field of environment and food quality and represents an educational resource following the model of city farms for those who, from primary school age to elderly people, can benefit from the knowledge and direct experience of the main aspects of agricultural cultivations and animal breeding.

The Azienda Agraria Universitaria Antonio Servadei contains important infrastructures of scientific research, innovation and technology transfer. Among those worth mentioning are the Centre for technological research and innovation in agriculture and the Bank for the autochthonous vegetal germplasm.

Azienda Agraria Universitaria
“A. Servadei”

33100 UDINE - via Pozzuolo, 324
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